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Wood Toothpick Production Line|Wood Toothpick Making Machine Price

MOQ: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 100 Sets/month

Loading Port: Qingdao

Description: Wood toothpick production line are able to produce wooden toothpick.


Wood toothpick production line are able to produce wooden toothpick .And the total output is 600,000-800,000 pieces/8hrs, this production need about 4-5 person to operate. total volume is about 9cbm
The wood toothpick production line is composed of 7 machines which is used for producing wooden toothpick from square timber to finished products. The machines are listed below:
wood toothpick production line
1) Timber dividing and slicing machine
2) Wood wool molding machine
3) Wood wool size setting machine
4) Polishing machine
5) Toothpick size setting machine
6) Toothpick mincing machine
7) Multi-sharpen machineTotal output: 1,200,000pcs/8 hour

Machine function:
1.Wooden timber divided machine
put the standard dry square timber into this machine, then make it flakes. speed of feeding is 6m/min
2.wood filament shaping machine  
put the wood flake into this machine, wood wool molding, the normal standard is 2.2mm
3. wooden filament set-size machine
set uniform length of the stick ,as usual 5 or 6times of toothpick length
4.toothpick set size machine         
cut the long stick into 65mm ,standard length of toothpick
5.Polishing machine                  
polish the raw stick after set-size
6.orderting machine
Order the stick from polishing machine ,easy for worker to pick them into sharpen machine
7.toothpick sharpen machine
Sharpen two tips or one sharpen one carve head
8. Multi-sharpen machine          
Sharpen the cutter and saw 

We also have bamboo toothpick making machine.


No Name Power
1 Wood lamination machine 0.55
115*60*110 360
2 wood filament machine 0.55
110*65*110 380
3 wood filament set-size machine 0.75 140*66*88 80
4 Toothpick set-size machine 3.0
85*65*90 125
5 Toothpick polisher 1.1 130*110*130 130
6 Toothpick ordering machine 0.55 100*100*75 80
7 Toothpick sharpener 0.75*2
105*65*95 210
8 Multipurpose sharpener 0.37 75*50*85 65

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