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High Speed Agarbatti Bamboo Stick Making Machine to India


We are in Agarbatti Making Machine manufacturer in China . The bamboo stick making machine obtainable with us is largely required for making incense sticks in different sizes and shapes like round, oval, semi-circle, square or triangle. Fabricated employing premium grade raw materials, our Incense Stick Building Machine uses carbide tipped planner cutter and special carbide tipped stick creating cutter set for that operation. Accessible with all the possibility for energy and powerless operation, this Incense Stick Producing Machine could also be utilized when there's a power minimize. Consequently, our Incense Stick Building Machine is far better than the other people readily available during the markets.We have sold machine to many countries such as india,Indonesia,philippines
 automatic agarbatti bamboo stick making machine
The special helpful cutter consists of a wooden bracket, substantial pace steel blades, adjustable screws and spring loaded pushing roller. This gadget helps in cutting a bamboo strip into 5 sticks at a time and as a result strengthening the efficiency of stick building and lowering the cost per stick. The helpful cutter comes with a set which involves a hack noticed blade and frame, bamboo slice maker manufactured from higher carbon steel blade, big knife, scale and pencils.
Bamboo is cut transversely likewise as longitudinally into required size of compact pieces applying hack-saw and knotted and un-knotted pieces are separately collected. The un-knotted pieces are applied for making bamboo strips using a strip maker, which has also been specially designed and created by Shekhani. It offers high excellent bamboo strips at greater speed of production in contrast to the earlier solutions. A strip is then passed by way of the roller during the handy cutter and it displaces the roller position somewhat during the upper course as per its thickness. The roller moves and guides the strip in direction of the cutting blades and also the strip is lower into five uniform sticks. The thickness of your stick is often varied by adjusting the blades with the strip maker. The amount of chips and sticks depends on the thickness, diameter and fat of your bamboo. Around forty sticks could be created from one particular cylindrical bass of eight inches. The unique helpful cutter could make about 2000 sticks per hour that is roughly four instances what could be performed manually with a knife.