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Bamboo Chopstick Production Line|Bamboo Chopstick Making Machine

MOQ: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 100 Sets/month

Loading Port: Qingdao

Description: The bamboo chopstick making machine is used for producing bamboo chopsticks.


The bamboo chopstick production line is used for producing bamboo chopsticks.

Working process:
severing round original bamboo into certain length - cutting halves ( manually) - cutting the half bamboo piece into small pieces - severing the small pieces according to chopstick's length - separating chopstick piece into one pair of connected chopstick - pointing the head of chopstick.

Its output is 100,000 pairs per 8 hours.it can save manpower.and just need 3-4 works.the production line can make square incense stick,round incense stick,bamboo round chopstick,bamboo stick.it is high efficient and it can save manual labour, the entire line just needs 3-4 persons.

We also have wood chopstick making machine.

bamboo chopstick production line


Model Name Power Weight Size
GG-791 Raw Bamboo Sawer 1.5 58 120*50*105
GG-388 Bamboo Cutting Machine 4 650 310×80×120
GG-278 Joint Molding Machine 0.55+5.5+0.37 360 115x60x110
GG-741 Bamboo-wool set-size machine 0.75 80 140x66x88
GG-511 Chopstick Head sharpener 1.1+3+0.37 320 120×80×125
GG-514(A+B) Round foursquare sander 1.5x4+0.37*3 480 275x85x130
GG-512 Polisher 2.2 300 210x100x85
GG-803 Multifunctional blade sharpener 0.37 65 55x45x95

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