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Toothpick Making Machine Lowest Price

MOQ: 1 Set

Supply Ability: 100 Sets/month

Loading Port: Qingdao

Description: The toothpick making machines are used for producing bamboo toothpicks and wood toothpicks.


The toothpick making machines are used for producing bamboo toothpicks and wood toothpicks,the complete equipments consist of 8 or 10 machines. In addition, the machine can be used for production wooden stick, bamboo stick, incense stick, BBQ stick, chopstick and so on, from Raw materials to finished products.
You can make two different kinds of toothpicks.such as,one-end-sharp and two-end-sharp. And the size of the toothpick can be adjustable, the machines can produce 800000-1000000 pieces toothpick every 8 hours by only 4-5 labors.the production is very large.
By replacing some machines, it will be bamboo incense sticks making machine, wood incense sticks making machine, or bamboo chopsticks equipment, wood chopsticks equipment, and bamboo barbecue sticks making machine, wood barbecue sticks processing line, etc.
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toothpick making machine


No. Model Name Power
1 GG-791 Sawer 1.5 58 120*50*105
2 GG-388 Sharpener 4 650 3100*700*1250
3 GG-275 Slicer machine 3.3 310 1300×650×1030
4 GG-144 Filament shaping machine 7.1 400 1000×650×1080
5 GG-741 Wool set-size machine 0.75 80 850×650×900
6 GG-746 Toothpick set-size machine 3.37 125 1400×660×880
7 GG-516 Polishing machine 1.5 130  1300×1100×1300
8 GG-948 Ordering machine 0.55 80 1000×1000×750
9 GG-642 Sharpened machine 1.99 210 1050×650×950
10 GG-803 Knife Sharpener 0.37 65 750×500×950

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